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Types of NethFilms:

NethFilms is revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film industry by producing highly advanced film technologies designed to protect the most advanced vehicles. With our leading Hydrophobic and Self Healing top-coat technology and extreme gloss factor, Neth offers a film for each driver’s style to keep your vehicle a beautifully protected staple of your personality.

NethFilms offers different automotive window films to suit anyone’s requirements for looks and performance. Whether you want a high performance / high light transmission film, or a more traditional automotive tint, NethFilms has you covered.

Architectural/ Home
NethFilms’ architectural solar films set the benchmarks in performance through superior engineering. Advances in material science enable window films that are not shiny or dark but reject more solar energy than conventional window films


NETH FILMS PAINT PROTECTION FILM offers outstanding film to protect your vehicles. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, NethFilms will seal and protect the outer surfaces of any type of vehicle against scratches and damage caused by road hazards like gravel, stones or flying debris. Even while parked, a car is a sitting target for shopping carts, keying, UV color fading, bird droppings, tree sap, and airborne contaminants. NethFilms literally has it covered with its long-lasting durable construction and high-gloss clear finish. Flexible construction and repositionable adhesives make our film products easy to install on any vehicle and are backed by a eight (8) year comprehensive warranty.

With proper science-backed ingredients the best in class performance of our product comes naturally. NethFilms Paint Protection team picked only the best performing adhesive and coating components for our formulations. With precise component mass/flow controls we can achieve unrivaled consistency from one batch of product to another

All our production activities take place in a climate-controlled cleanroom environment to ensure contamination free processing throughout all the manufacturing steps.

are designed to meet most severe outside specifications for automotive, aerospace, transportation, and energy requirements. We currently offer two world-class products and working on expanding our product range in the nearest future.

NethFilms paint protection film acts as a shield of armor, safeguarding the paint on your vehicle. Neth’s crystal clear, energy absorbent polyurethane film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your vehicle, then installed by one of our professionally trained and experienced paint protection installers. Once the top of the line film is bonded to the paint on your car it begins to protect and preserve the paint for years to come. Forget about peeling, cracking, fading, aging, yellowing or blistering damage to your investment.

A virtually invisible urethane film. Protecting your car from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value. Some of its features include Self Healing properties, Stain Resistance and Superior Optical Clarity.

Protects your paint in virtually any climate zone and weather conditions while it instantly turns any surface into a beautifully protected matte finish. Self-healing and hydrophobic, this film is an automotive and home decor favorite.
Beyond film performance, it offers versatile installation suiting the most challenging curves while requiring no post-installation maintenance. Among notable benefits of this product are:
• Attractive Satin Matte Finish
• Remarkable ease of installation
• Exceptional scratch, mark and stain resistance
• Excellent yellowing resistance
• Self-leveling Hydrophobic surface
• Long lasting cleanliness
• Perfect combination of longevity, durability and toughness
• Industry leading 8 years limited warranty

<< Self-Healing >>
Constructed from an elastomeric polyurethane. When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.
<< Discoloration & Stain Resistant >>
Don’t worry about specs, spots, or splotches from contaminants. NethFilms is stain resistant & will maintain clarity under the harshest conditions unlike lower quality alternatives.
<< Non-Yellowing >>
Our proprietary film formulation will not yellow from UV exposure, ensuring protected areas are nearly invisible.
<< Warranty >>
Built to last. Neth is backed by our comprehensive 8 years warranty, ensuring your vehicle looks its best for years to come.
<< Mirror Smooth Finish >>
Protection should be indistinguishable from factory paint.

PPF Aftercare Instruction:
• Within 7 days after installation: Do not wash your car. Do not use towels to wipe the film, particularly avoid wiping along the edges of the film. Do not use high-pressure water sprayers to rinse the film.
• Within 3 days after installation, do not drive over 50 MPH or 80 km/h.
• It is normal if there is some residual water under the film after installation. Within 15-30 days the water will have evaporated. Parking your car under direct sunlight will help accelerate the drying process.
• After installing NethFilms PPF, avoid using strong acids or alkalis to clean the PP. Failure to do so could reduce gloss over lime.
• If you find film edge lifting or water/air bubbling, contact the installation shop for professional advice. Do not cut or peel the film yourself.
• NethFilms has self-healing and water-repelling properties. However, this does not ensure that the film will not be damaged under extreme conditions. Bird droppings and dead bugs on the film should be washed within 72 hours to avoid any residual penetration into the film.
• Avoid using low quality, micro fiber cloths that could leak color and stain PPF film.


Automotive Window Tint

High Performance Window Tint From The Top Down

As sunroofs and moon roofs become larger and more common, they also need to be considered when tinting your vehicle. With ceramic window tint that block 99% of UV rays and 98% of infrared heat.

Take Comfort & Protection
To The Next Level

With so many window tint films available, making the perfect choice for your vehicle has never been easier. From the latest, top of the line nano-ceramic, high performance metallic hybrid, and even traditional dyed window tint options, there’s a NethFilms for every application. It outperforms other types of tint to keep you comfortable and protected. NethFilms Window Tint is backed by lifetime warranty.


If you’re looking for maximum performance & protection from your window tint, look no further than carbon-ceramic window film like NethFilms. Ceramic tint is designed to block out the most infrared heat possible, while reflecting harmful UV rays to keep you safe. No matter the shade, ceramic window tint delivers results you expect.

Why choose ceramic window films:

• Advanced Carbon-Ceramic Materials
• No Corrosion or Fading
• State of the Art Construction
• Spectrally Selective
• High Optical Clarity, Low Reflectivity
• No Electromagnetic Interference
• Outstanding Lifetime Warranty


Architectural / Home

Surface and Glass Finishing Solutions for Architecture and Interior Design.

Create unique, memorable spaces overnight.
As you design for the next chapter, reimagine spaces with surfaces that bring together design, functionality and sustainability.

Create a complete mood and give your environment character.

Neth Architectural Markets offers a wide range of technologically advanced architectural and decorative window glass finishes that help you build beautiful spaces without inconveniencing your guests — and without the disruption of traditional construction. Our technologies are engineered leveraging Neth’s tradition of innovation and technological know-how to create design excellence, enhance human comfort and respect environmental sustainability, globally.